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What to expect from the Australian 2021-22 budget

On Friday the 7th of May, Josh Frydenberg, Treasurer of Australia Deputy Leader of the Liberal Party, said to AFR...

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Moving from reactive to proactive communications

When a policy or program is launched, good communications are vital to ensure the audience hears, understands and...

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What case studies can do for your communication strategy

As communicators, both in the private and public sectors alike, we’re always looking for new ways to demonstrate the...

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Cultivating workplace motivation and productivity in your team

Workplace motivation. The big ‘M’ word at it again. What is it and when did this curious little critter become so...

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The changing landscape of social media for government communication

2018 has been a theatrical year for social media leading to a lot of debates around data collection and distribution,...

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GDPR and the Australian Privacy Act 1988: Key Differences

In May 2018 the European Union (EU) introduced the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), a law that outlines how...

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