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The three R’s of recycling content

Recycle, Re-purpose and Refresh

The internet is an insatiable beast; and trying to continually feed it fresh content is...

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How many communicators does it take to do an audit?

No—it’s not a joke. Our profession is renowned for it’s lack of mathematical ability but we can count to two. That’s...

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Write less, say more: the plain English guide for Government communicators

As a Government communicator, it’s important to get your message across simply and clearly. The best way to do this is...

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Posts are up, engagement is down: The reality of Facebook for business

User engagement on Facebook dropped more than 50% while posts have increased 24% (an extra 20,000 per day), in the last...

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The strategy behind Tourism Australia’s Dundee reboot

Thirty years after his conception, Crocodile Dundee once again sparked hype leading up to Super Bowl LII. It was a...

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Communication challenges governments, globally

My career started with both communication and government. At the age of 25, I had a completely different idea about my...

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