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Franesco Di Costanzo

Franesco Di Costanzo
Journalist. Founder and president of PA Social-National Association for digital communication and journalism. Founder and director of the newspaper Cittadiniditwitter. Communication and social network expert and author of the books "Digital. The new era of communication and public information. History and perspectives of the Italian model" (2021. Giunti Editore), "PA Social. Journey into Italy of the new communication between work, services and innovation "(2017. Franco Angeli Editore)," Citizens of Twitter. The new communication in local public services ”(2012, Indiscreto Stefano Olivari Editore),“ Comune di Twitter ”(Anci Toscana - Polistampa Editore, 2013) and“ WhatsApp in the city? The new frontier of public communication ”(Di Costanzo - Marrucci, 2015, Indiscreto Stefano Olivari Editore). Coordinator of the module in digital public communication of the Luiss Master in Political and Institutional Communication and Marketing. Member of the group of experts of the Ministry of Economic Development for the preparation of the white paper on the role of communication in digital transformation processes. Organizer and speaker at numerous national and international events on new communication via web, social network, chat, artificial intelligence. Creator of the national events PA Social Day and States-General of the new public communication, of the Smartphone d'Oro award, of the training courses PA Social Academy and National Academy on digital communication, and, with PA Social and Istituto Piepoli, of the National Observatory on digital communication.
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