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Anya Dua

Anya Dua
Anya Dua is from NYC and is now a junior at the Ransom Everglades School in Miami. She is passionate about international relations, uplifting youth voices, and the fight for preserving democracy in an ever-changing world. Channelling her passion for uplifting youth voices, she founded the Gen Z Identity Lab, a youth-led organization for developing insights on Gen Z's opinions through statistically significant surveys and their online platform for contributors to share their ideas. She's noticed that to no fault of their own, older generations struggle with understanding the way Gen Z thinks. The Gen Z Identity Lab is the organization best poised to fill the gap of misunderstanding between young people and adults. This platform, cited in Forbes and the NYT, now has a team of 15 contributors from around the world writing articles on everything from the Weekend's new album to the Black Lives Matter movement.
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